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Angel - Vampire

Pattern of the Month - December

It's December and with it another year ends. Do not despair though because with the end of 2019 comes the start of 2020 and the opportunity to drop old baggage and a fresh start.

This was the key idea in the Buffy 3rd season Christmas episode. In it Angel, the vampire with a soul, seeks for his purpose. As a vampire, he fears that his destiny is one of death, torture and mayhem. Rather than inflict the evil of his past on future victims, he elects to end his life by being exposed to the dawn sunlight. This is not to be as mysterious powers make it snow in the small California town, bringing extensive cloud cover that blot out the sun the whole day...Christmas Day.

It is for being learning about hope at this time of renewal that Angel is our December pattern of the month (for a second time).

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